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Avios and Tusk are offering 3 people a life-changing experience to support positive change in Africa through conservation, communities and education.

Enter the competition by 24 July 2017.

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The Prize

The 3 lucky winners will each receive a placement on 1 of the volunteering projects in Southern Africa, supported by Tusk, plus return flights to South Africa, 2 nights in 5 star hotel accommodation thanks to Mantis Collection, a GoPro to capture their experience and an invitation to attend the 2018 Tusk Conservation Awards in London. For more information, click here.

The Nakavango Conservation Programme

In association with volunteering company Worldwide Experience.

The Nakavango Conservation Programme

The Nakavango Conservation Programme is based in the Victoria Falls region, a World Heritage Site and has been declared an Intensive Protection Zone for the population of Black Rhino it protects. Volunteers can gain hands-on experience in conservation management activities, environmental awareness, sustainability projects and community development projects.

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The Vulture Conservation Project

The Vulture Conservation Project

Do your part in helping keep the world’s remaining vultures alive. Unfortunately, today’s vultures face an unprecedented onslaught from human activities. The Cape vulture is southern Africa’s only endemic vulture species and is considered ‘Endangered’ by the IUCN. With VulPro you will be helping prevent its extinction.

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The Mokolodi Education Centre and Nature Reserve

The Mokolodi Education Centre and Nature Reserve

In the Republic of Botswana resides the Mokolodi Education Centre and Nature Reserve. The Programme provides the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with conservation activities, the Reserve’s wildlife, the environment and the people of Botswana.

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How to enter

Answer the questions below by submitting a video or paragraph with images

Entry questions

  1. Why do you deserve this volunteering experience in Southern Africa?
  2. How do you give back to people in your life and have an impact on the community/people around you?
  3. What about this project interests and inspires you?

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Which volunteering project are you most interested in?

The Mokolodi Education Centre and Nature ReserveThe Vulture Conservation ProjectThe Nakavango Conservation Programme
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About Tusk

  • Tusk is a dynamic and pioneering organisation with over 25 years of experience initiating and funding conservation, community development and environmental education programmes across Africa.
  • Tusk supports more than 60 field projects in 19 African countries that not only work to protect wildlife, but also help to alleviate poverty through sustainable development and education amongst rural communities.
  • The Mokolodi Education Centre and Nature Reserve, The Nakavango Conservation Programme and The Vulture Conservation Project are 3 projects that are supported by Tusk.
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